From Cool Jerks to Soul Teller

Miguel Ángel Julián started his professional career as a singer and songwriter in 1989 and hasn’t looked back since. From over a period of ten years (1989-99), Miguel lead and wrote hits for his band “The Cool Jerks”, releasing 10 albums with different labels, touring Spain and many countries around Europe.

In 2005 he made up his way across the sea to England to start up a new and exciting band there (Soul Tellers).

Miguel Ángel Julian the first and only spanish artist to record with the legendary soul producer and architech of Memphis Sound: Willie Mitchell.

In 2008 Miguel Ángel Julián went off to Memphis to record his long awaited Soul Album. He was locked away for four weeks in Royal Studios working with Willie Mitchell and his chosen musicians, who have worked with legends like Aretha Franklin, Eddie Floyd, Al Green, Patty Labelle, Isaac Hayes and Otis Redding.

Miguel worked hard to keep the machine running smoothly, together with celebrated producer Willie Mitchell and his son “Boo” Mitchell. The mix was AMAZING…a real CONNECTION WAS MADE!!

Mitchell, the producer, said about Miguel: “I really like him, he’s got a unique sound, with the old soul spirit. I like his songs and man, this guy can really write and sing. It’s been a lovely experience. I’ve really enjoyed it”. Sadly Willie Mitchell passed away in January 2010 and the world and the city of Memphis lost a LEGEND.

Miguel said about him: “Willie Mitchell passed away today. It is a very sad day for me because a truly Soul Man’s gone. What a privilege to have known “Pops” and worked with him, what a special and humble man. I must keep that gift he gave me alive and make it shine. Willie you will always live here in my heart. Wherever you are… Soul & love my friend…”

Miguel Ángel Julián still keep the spirit of that great “Soulful Era” as Mitchell said and has set a high standard of soul music in his country. After almost three decades, 10 albums and the success of his latest project (Soul Teller) he is still top of the game.

This is one singer to watch out for. Not only does he cast a spell over his audiences, he is also a prolific songwriter with over 300 songs to his name. Miguel now shares his time equally between London and Madrid.

Memphis / Willie Mitchell

Miguel Ángel Julián is the first spanish artist to record with the legendary producer of Al Green Willie Mitchell. The new Album HEALING WITH THE FEELING. They have been locked away for four weeks in The Royal Studios working along side with Willie Mitchell and his specially hand choosen musicians who have always been heavily influenced by Soul music, working with legends like Aretha Franklin, Eddie Floyd, Al Green, Patty Labelle and Otis Redding.



Cool Jerks

Cool Jerks (1990)

1. Soul Teller
2. I Can’t Turn You Loose
3. Good Old Man
4. You Silhouette

Soul Teller

Cool Jerks (1991)

1. Hold Me
2. Got To Leave You Woman
3. I Don’t Want To Kiss You
4. Stop, Stop, Stop
5. Till The Day I Die
6. This is My Cry
7. People Sure Act Funny
8. Soul Teller
9. I Wanted To Be
10. A Place With No Name

Sweet & Wild

Cool Jerks (1992)

1. Gimme Time
2. Don’t Look For Me
3. Trappin’ You
4. Mommy
5. Cool Flames
6. Oh My Lord!
7. Put Yourself In My Place
8. Suck It To Me
9. Sweet & Wild
10. Cast Out By The One I Loved
11. Be Bah Bah

Picture Of Her Soul

Cool Jerks (1993)

1. Merry Christmas Baby
2. Call You Mine
3. Place With No Name
4. Picture Of Her Soul

Fantabulous Crime

Cool Jerks (1994)

1. Kill My Wife
2. Out Of Date
3. Nobody Knows
4. Mercy (Get Next To You)
5. Drive Of My Tram
6. Gotta Give Her Up
7. Pleasure Lies
8. Run Away From Me
9. Fantabulous Crime
10. Tinkuman

Everybody Needs Love

Cool Jerks (1995)

1. Bring It On Home To Me
2. Don’t Look For Me
3. I Don’t Wanna Kiss You
4. Everybody Needs Love

Soul To Waste

Cool Jerks (1996)

1. I’ve Had Enough
2. Beatiful Sad Face
3. Donny Darkness
4. Long Deep Sleep
5. Remember Me Forever
6. Move My Will
7. Crazy Love
8. People Get The Road To Freedom
9. Light Of The Day
10. Soul To Waste
11. Mr Bum (Instrumental)

Comeback Special

SOULoopATTACK (2002)

1. Respect To All The Funky People
2. How Do You Feel?
3. Be Bah Bah
4. Lovin’ Pain In The City
5. I’ve Got A Feeling
6. Bastard
7. Two Souls
8. Bonna Get By
9. Buddah Of Compassion*
10. Express Yourself*
11. Be Bah Bah** (Demo Version)

Healing with the Feeling

Soul Tellers (2013)

1. I Think I’m Gonna Make It
2. This Is The Sound Of The Blues (Taking My Soul)
3. Some Memories
4. When You Are Alone (Who Is There With You)
5. I’m In London Again
6. Healing With The Feeling
7. Midnite Sun
8. Hello Goodbye
9. Jamie


      Nobody Knows How I Feel Down Inside - Cool Jerks (1994)
      Beautiful Sad Face - Cool Jerks (1996)
      Be Bah Bah - Cool Jerks (1992)
      How Do You Feel? - Cool Jerks (2002)


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